Every Rolex is manufactured and tested to the most stringent of levels. However, like a finely tuned automobile, it may require periodic servicing or "scheduled maintenance" over the life of the watch. Unfortunately, most people don't have their watch serviced until they experience a problem – thus, "if it isn’t broke don't fix it." This can be an expensive philosophy, as the watch only bears a one-year warranty. Therefore, the chance of the watch breaking down during the warranty period is very unlikely.


Probably the biggest cause of watch malfunction results from neglect. This often comes from the lubricants coagulating (or hardening) and thus causing friction with the movement's gears – just imagine running your car on the same oil for 5 years! Over time, this friction can cause excessive wear to the parts and will eventually result in damage to the movement. Remember, these parts are so tiny they function within tolerances measured in microns (thousands of millimeters).


Therefore, the best recommendation for keeping your watch in proper running order is to wear the watch regularly. By wearing the watch it will keep a constant flow of the lubricants, thereby reducing the possibility of coagulation.


Of course conditions may arise which make it impossible to wear the watch everyday – especially if you are lucky enough to own more that one Rolex watch. In this case, it is recommended that the watch be winded at least once per week. The reserve power should keep the watch running for approximately 40 hours. To aid in this process, some companies manufacture special “winding boxes” which will actually keep your watches constantly wound. The designs vary, but the one common factor they share is the price, starting around $200-$500 on average.


With this being said, Rolex recommends the watch to be cleaned and oiled every five years. In some cases, a complete overhaul (or refurbishment) is needed. The following is a brief explanation of the process, as performed by Accutime Watch Center.

Clean & Polish

The Oyster case and bracelet are ultrasonically cleaned and hand-polished. At this time, the bracelet receives repairs as needed.

Time Keeping Test

The movement is reassembled, re-oiled, and then re-tested for timekeeping accuracy. If necessary, adjustments are then made to the balance wheel with a special tool.

Pressure Proof Test

Before the movement is reinstalled, the Oyster case is pressure-proof tested in a special unit, which uses high-tech electronics and vacuum air-pressure to test the watch at its guaranteed dept.

Final Quality Control

Once the watch has been repaired and tested, it is again inspected by a technician (by hand) for any possible errors or problems before it is returned to the customer.

Full One Year Service Warranty

After receiving a complete overhaul, the watch is issued a full one year service warranty.


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